General Practice involves the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases ranging from acute to chronic and simple issues to complex and severe conditions. All of the body's different systems can be treated such as cardiac, respiratory and digestive and musculoskeletal systems. Mental health and overall wellness as well as the prevention of disease are also carefully considered.

Specialists often focus one organ system or one area of medicine, rather than dealing with the whole person. One issue is addressed in isolation rather than looking at the specific concerns of the individual. At Synergy Health, the physician and patient work as a team and together view the complex interrelationship of different illnesses with all aspects of the person: body, mind, and spirit. Patients are educated about the overall view of their health, how one problem might affect another, and are provided education on preventive measures. This personal approach is based on a patient/doctor relationship of mutual trust and respect which fosters patient empowerment to achieve prevention of illness and thus an increase in health.


Gynecology is a unique mix of primary care and women's specialty care. As a board certified fellow with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1998, Dr. Crider has great familiarity with the workup and treatment of women's issues including hirsuitism (extra hair growth), infertility, irregular menses, hormonal and non-hormonal headaches, female athlete concerns, as well as contraceptive methods and hormonal replacement therapy. The workup of abnormal Paps, ovarian cysts and pelvic pain as well as postmenopausal bleeding is also routinely offered as needed.

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Dr. Anja Crider, MD;FACOG - General Practice, Gynecology, Medical Acupuncture
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