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Anja CriderSynergy Health is founded upon the belief that good health is the body's original state. The body has its own ability to maintain and heal itself of many illnesses and injuries. This dynamic system is designed to keep our bodies in balance; illness results when imbalance occurs.

Synergy Health believes in utilizing this natural ability as one option in achieving health in the least invasive, most successful way. With a multidisciplinary approach to treatments, we team with you in identifying the causes of illness and in shaping personalized, unique therapies to approach them. Naturopathic medicine as well as western medicine offer other options for treatment. Synergy often partners with Federal Way Naturopathy if deemed necessary.Our intention is to listen to your concerns, evaluate your medical history and together we will set health goals and a plan to achieve these goals. Synergy Health welcomes you.


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Dr. Anja Crider, MD;FACOG - General Practice, Gynecology, Medical Acupuncture
phone: 253.237.0610 - fax: 253.237.0606
900 S. 336th St. - Federal Way, WA 98003 Click for map
Located in the Federal Way Naturopathy building / Visit the Federal Way Naturopathy website

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